die Seelentaucherin

In seeming dream sequences, Maria Breitfuss immerse and perceive the soul of man or places.

Once the color mixes to a strong tearing mass, then again there is a floating lightness. The result is images from non-figurative scenes, whose structure and color scheme bring the viewer into a meditative reverie, if you want to get involved.

The Saalbacher Artist, Maria Breitfuss, is a self-taught painter and immerses into the soul and energy of the environment while painting. With her pictorial worlds, she dances the fine line between abstract expressionism and figurative insinuation. Perhaps it is also the discovery of one’s own world and perspective that gives the images this aura.



Immerse into the paintings

About Maria Breitfuss

The paintings belong to abstract painting. They vary between abstract expressionism and figurative representation. These pictorial worlds are created by different layers, which are laid partly glazed, partly covering each other. This results in form segments and spatial color worlds.

Maria Breitfuss lives and works in Saalbach, Austria.